A corporate partnership with EventWell® offers a unique approach: we aim to have as big an impact on the companies we work with as they have on us as a charitable social enterprise.

Mental health is increasingly on the public and business agenda. As the mental health and wellbeing voice of the event industry, when you work with Eventwell® you demonstrate to your employees, customers and suppliers that your business takes mental health and wellbeing in events seriously.

We want to help you inspire and increase employee and customer engagement through our awareness raising education, events, campaigns, training, fundraising, community projects, sponsorship opportunities and, our professional and business membership plans.

Guidelines for corporate partners

EventWell® values are ‘Empathy, Culture and Self-Care’ and we are working in partnership with an increasing number of businesses and organisations to help achieve our vision/mission to make tangible change to the event industry’s relationship with wellbeing, as the mental health and wellbeing voice of the event industry.

We are increasingly looking to develop partnerships that deliver vital revenue, strategic, and pro-bono support for EventWell®, whilst at the same time helping our partners meet their CSR and social objectives whilst engaging employees and/or customers in mental health and wellbeing.

Before entering into any kind of partnership with a company, EventWell® will consider whether the business of a company is in alignment with our vision/mission/values; or could impact negatively on perceptions of our commitment to the event industry. Our approach to working with the industry’s business community will always be constructive and collaborative whilst being sensitive to these points.

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