Covid-19 Coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic is presenting big challenges for the Event Industry, and all over the world. At this difficult and challenging time we can all play a part in making it a little easier for everyone, looking after ourselves and each other.

After the governments announcement this afternoon and the move from contain to the delay stage, here are EventWell’s recommendations.

Keep following the advice of the experts

Don’t take your advice from the media alone, ensure that you also follow advice on and from Public Health England for the information that you really need in terms of self-isolating, travel guidance, guidance for employers and businesses and, essential NHS information.

Keep calm

Think about any non-essential face to face meetings and travel, consider if you can do a video call instead, or delay the meeting for a few weeks. This will assist in the governments plan to delay the spread of the infection, and support in the protection of the vulnerable and elderly who are more at risk.

Make wise choices and be kind

Empty supermarket shelves, bulk buying, none of which have been recommended or advised as a necessary action by the UK Government. Remember kindness and to have consideration for the people that follow you when making any purchases.

We should also be taking good care of ourselves and, putting in place those deliberate actions now to help us stay well; resting, drinking fluids, eating well. Remember your self-care.

We can all take steps now to ease the burden on the NHS and help save lives, essentially washing our hands (for at least 20 seconds and more regularly) when we enter public buildings, work or home, eat or handle food, cough or sneeze.

On the advice of the Chief Medical Officer and Prime Minister today, if you develop a new fever or persistent cough then make sure that you self-isolate for a minimum 7 days, and follow the advice of your employer.

We all need to respond and take action on the above.

EventWell has taken the decision to postpone all of our face to face events, training and workshops for the next couple of months to assist in the above. Our virtual and online events and webinars will still be going ahead.

We are disappointed to have had to make this decision, but we feel it is the wisest and kindest thing to do and, as a social enterprise dedicated to health and wellbeing the sensible decision to make.

Stay well, stay calm, stay wise and stay kind, and remember that a crisis has the potential to bring out the best in human nature and kindness.

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