We support and work collectively with the creative, experiential, event, travel and hospitality industry, to encourage better understanding and #EMPATHY

Working in partnership with event industry trade associations, national and international trade events and exhibitions, universities and colleges, to deliver outreach education and support that creates better understanding, challenges discrimination, and encourages open conversations on wellbeing and mental health in the event industry

What is empathy and why is it so important to mental health?

Empathy is a complex cognitive and affective process that allows humans to experience concern for others, comprehend their emotions, and eventually help them.

Empathy helps us realise we are not alone, ends feelings of isolation and gives members of a community a chance to provide care to others – which can be therapeutic in and of itself.

Research indicates that possessing empathy is crucial for good mental health as being able to connect with others and share enough of yourself to feel connected in return adds immeasurably to happiness.

Empathy allows people to build social connections with others. By understanding what people are thinking and feeling, people are able to respond appropriately in social situations. Research has shown that having social connections is important for both physical and psychological well-being.