‘The Calendar’

EventWell’s listing of the ‘go to’ events, workshops and national campaigns offering training, advice and knowledge in all areas of wellbeing for businesses and individuals…


1st – 5th National Work Life Week
6th – 7th SFN Expo 2018
7th – 13th OCD Awareness Month
10th World Mental Health Day


2nd – 4th Birmingham Welbeing Festival
7th International Stress Awareness Day
14th 2018 Calisthetics Games MICE Edition London
12th – 16th

12th –  18th

Anti-bullying Week

Self Care Week

19th – 25th Alcohol Awareness Week


7th Time To Talk Day
18th – 24th OCD Week of Action
25th – 3rd Eating Disorders Awareness Week

MARCH 2019

5th – 6th Health & Wellbeing at Work 2019
11th – 17th Nutrition and Hydration Week
11th – 17th Brain Awareness Week
13th No Smoking Day
15th World Sleep Day

APRIL 2019

1st – 30th Stress Awareness Month
5th Walk to Work Day
7th World Health Day
26th On Your Feet Britain