Event Professionals Journal

The Event Professionals Journal assists you to be proactive in a reactive industry, and enables you to improve your wellbeing. This is not a to do list that you tend to write yourself every day or a general journal, it is a guided journal specific to event professionals to improve wellbeing, with an equal focus on your work and personal life. 

Event Professionals Journal

The number of hours that event professionals are productive for each day currently averages at just 3 hours. The research carried out from those using the journal reported they had an increase in productivity each day of 22.5% and focus increase of 20%. This equates to over 1 day back per week, directly tackling the fact event professionals work on average 1.5 more days per week than the average person.

The Event Professionals Journal assists to improve mental health, helps to restore work life balance (of which only 4% of event professionals feel they have!), improves productivity and focus, as well as making sure you focus on yourself at the same time. 

​Eventwell and the Event Professionals Journal have partnered to tackle the wellbeing in the event industry. You can purchase the journal here and get a 10% discount by entering code “Eventwell” on checkout. Event Professionals Journal donates back to Eventwell for purchases made using this code. 

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