Masterclass: How to avoid tech overload and tech burnout
06 Apr
Until 06 Apr

Masterclass: How to avoid tech overload and tech burnout

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Chief Executive | EventWell®

Modern technology is amazing!

We live in the greatest, most technologically advanced time in human history.

With a touch of a button we can do just about anything; communicate with friends and family, order groceries, learn a new skill or answer any question our mind can conceive!

With how fast life is moving, sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of how much has changed in a short time, and far quicker than the human mind will ever evolve.

Technology overload is real! 66% of the world’s population shows signs of nomophobia, 71% usually sleep with or next to their mobile phone, smartphone use and depression are correlated.

Join this masterclass for top tips that will help you digi-detox long enough to restore some balance and calm.

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