Thriving at Work for Champions Training
09 Oct 10:00 AM
Until 18 Oct, 02:00 PM 9d 4h

Thriving at Work for Champions Training

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Chief Executive | EventWell®

A Mental Health Champion is any employee who takes action to raise awareness of mental health amongst their team, encourages positive mental health within the organisation, challenges mental health stigma, and provides peer support to their colleagues.

The Champions by EventWell® programme is here to support this proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing at work.

A programme to train a member/s of your team as your organisation’s champion and mental wellbeing lead, including the ‘six mental health at work core standards’ set out in the Stevenson/Farmer Thriving at Work Review 2017 commissioned by the UK Government, and then developed as part of the Mental Health at Work Commitment by Mind.

These six mental health standards, adapted by EventWell® for the events industry with the addition of a seventh standard covering onsite mental health, provide a quality framework to place mental wellbeing at the heart of your organisational culture and a movement that drives organisational policy, procedure and strategy.

EventWell®’s seventh mental health core standard provides a set of actions that support the mental wellbeing of your customers, delegates, visitors and stakeholders whilst in your duty to care and within your event environments.

The training covers the following dates:
Session 1: Monday 10th October, 10am – 2pm
Session 2: Wednesday 12th October, 10am – 2pm
Session 3: Monday 17th October, 10am – 2pm
Session 4: Wednesday 19th October, 10am – 2pm

What we cover:
Session 1: Being a champion and the EventWell® Action Plan
Session 2: The mental health core standards framework, Standard 1-3
Session 3: The mental health core standards framework, Standard 4-6
Session 4: The 7th EventWell® mental health core standard, and starting mental health conversations

You will come away from this training as a certified EventWell® Mental Health Champion, and will receive a certificate from EventWell®, you will also become a lifelong member of our exclusive Champions Network and community, receiving regular support and resources to help you in your role.

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