EventWell® Awards 2022 Inspirational Story Entry Form


Please use this form to nominate someone for the inspirational story awards, you are allowed to nominate a maximum of three people (on separate forms).

You will be asked about their story and how this is inspirational. For example, they made a recovery and used the experience to join an organisation to help hundreds of others. This is unlikely to be just a simple story of recovery, so they may have overcome huge adversity or challenge in the process.

Please evidence why they should win this category (please complete a separate entry for each person you wish to enter – photographs are allowed please email to team@eventwell.org) before 31st March 2022.

Entries for this category must not be self-nominated, nor sent from the individual, nor should an individual pay or instruct a third party to nominate them.

They should include views from different people/organisations wherever possible.

Shortlisted entries will be notified and offered a complimentary seat to the presentation and awards ceremony in September 2022. In the case they are under 18 years, then this will include an additional seat for a chaperone or parent/carer. Nominees not shortlisted will not be contacted and feedback will be provided to the entrant. The list of shortlisted entries will be advertised from June 2022.

Winning entries are displayed on our website at www.eventwell.org please indicate anything they would not want publishing. Please note we will not publish personal stories or details, just names and organisation logos.

In the event of a re-entry to the same category in subsequent years, then it is expected that the entry will refer to the progress since the first award. Non-winners are able to re-enter the same category (or others), however it is expected the entry will have been updated from the previous entry.


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