EventWell Digital Summit: Virtual Gong Bath | Relax in Sound, with Selma Studer


Wednesday 15 July, 6pm – 6.30pm (BST)

1pm – 1.30pm (EDT)


Selma Studer, About Gong


6pm – Session starts

6.30pm – Session Ends


Transition into your evening with a relaxing sound bath with GONG. During this virtual gong bath, you will be guided through a journey of soothing sound waves to enable you to become deeply relaxed and to restore balance and harmony to body and mind. Sound baths have many benefits. The unique sound of the gong helps to entrain your brainwaves to a meditative state, allowing you to access the benefits of meditation without any experience required. All you have to do is lie down, put on your headphones, close your eyes, and listen. By the end of the session, you’ll feel more calm, grounded and at peace.

Here are some tips for how to set yourself up at home:

  • Listen with headphones or connect to a high quality sound system 
  • Find a comfortable spot to lie down – on your couch, your bed, or on a thick carpet or yoga mat
  • Grab a blanket to keep yourself warm and a pillow to support your head
  • You might like to draw the blinds or use an eye mask to cover your eyes
  • Light a candle or use essential oils to create a relaxing atmosphere

Speaker bio

Selma Studer is the founder of GONG, a wellness concept that helps people access the benefits of meditation through the power of sound. Selma founded GONG after more than 10 years in a corporate communications career in response to the immense amounts of stress and anxiety that plagues the work world. She experienced her first gong bath on a yoga retreat in Thailand and quickly realized the practice was just as effective and needed in an urban setting. That led her to open a dedicated studio in Central London and to facilitate sound meditation sessions in workplaces so that more people could benefit from this powerful and effective technique. She has since led more than 600 gong baths in person and online.  GONG currently offers a daily schedule of virtual gong baths via Zoom so you can always enjoy a meditation whenever you need it, from wherever you are. You can book a session and learn more about GONG at aboutgong.com, say hi on Instagram and Facebook, or connect with Selma at selma@aboutgong.com or on LinkedIn


Tickets are available to purchase here, all ticket profits from this event will support our charitable projects and campaigns including this year’s #EventWell20 campaign, promoting better mental health and wellbeing in events.

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