EventWell Digital Summit: Yin Yoga with Gabrielle Austen-Browne


Tuesday 14 July 2020, 10am – 10:45am (BST)

5am – 5.45am (EDT)


Gabrielle Austen-Browne, Event Manager


10am – Session starts

10:45am – Session ends


Yin yoga is a form of yoga that helps to stretch the connective tissue which is found in every bone, muscle, organs and joints. If we don’t use our full range of joint flexibility, the connective tissue slowly shortens to the minimum length needed to accommodate our day to day activities. 

There is evidence to show we hold emotions and tension in our tissue’s. 
Most humans tend to hold emotion in their hips, which is why when stretching the hips this can be painful and release emotions which we didn’t realise we were holding onto. Same with the chest and shoulders. Raised shoulders and a compressed chest show anxiety, stress or depression.

Yin is great to do at home and can even be done whilst watching the TV or lying in bed.  Doing one posture a day will improve flexibility in the connective tissue and will improve performance in other sports and exercise.

This session will focus on some postures to release the hips and shoulders. 5-6 postures, held for 2-5 mins with a total session time of 30 mins min to 40 mins max.

Speaker bio

After a successful career as a professional dancer appearing on TV, Stage and Film,  Gabby was naturally drawn to a career in the events industry and has been in love with it ever since.

Having a regular practice in yoga and mediation has been a real life line when it comes to managing the stress and fast paced lifestyle of the events world. Yoga, mediation and breath work have been an important part of Gabby’s tool kit for maintaining physical and mental health, which led her to train as a yoga teacher so that she would have the ability to share this with others.

These practices have helped her to manage negative emotions such as anxiety and stress,  and Gabby calls on these tools when and wherever she needs. Whether that is at the office, on the tube or running an event.

The beauty is that anyone can do yoga and mediation no matter their age, ability or experience. Gabby looks forward to sharing this practice with her fellow events professionals. 

Useful Links

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gabby_AustenB

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabrielleabevents/


Tickets are available to purchase here, all ticket profits from this event will support our charitable projects and campaigns including this year’s #EventWell20 campaign, promoting better mental health and wellbeing in events.

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