EventWell Evolve

EventWell Evolve is our new assistance and mentorship programme, designed to support and help you grow and develop essential skills for managing stress and building resilience as an event professional.

Our assistance and mentorship programme works on a group basis. You will be matched to a mentor and join a working team of 5 event professionals, providing you with not just a mentor who is certified in stress management and mental health first aid, but with the additional support of a group of #eventprof peers and ‘allies’ that you can share thoughts and ideas with.

Once accepted onto the programme you will receive a minimum of 3 months support to help you identify your stressors, develop a wellbeing and stress management action plan and, adopt any necessary lifestyle and life skill changes that will help you better manage your stress, and build mental, emotional and physical strength and wellbeing.

The EventWell Evolve programme is due to start at the beginning of May 2020, if you would like to be considered as a mentee (or a mentor) then please fill out the application form below: