Welcome to Pledge by EventWell®, here to offer essential financial support to help ease the pressure of whatever life may be throwing at you right now.

Have a look through the options that are available for you today. You do this by simply filling in our confidential ‘apply for a pledge’ form.

You can also nominate a peer colleague or friend that you know is in need and experiencing hardship, but finding it hard to reach out to us for help. Provide us with their details and we will send them their pledge confidentially and compassionately.

Hardship relief grant applications and nominations can also be made, providing essential financial support in times of unusual need.


  • Any event professional experiencing redundancy or out of work
  • Event freelancers and contractors who are unable to find work
  • Any event professional not eligible for statutory support
  • Any event professional with outstanding debts and in rent/mortgage/utility arrears
  • Any event professional facing eviction and in need of a place to stay
  • Any event professional struggling with the rising cost of living
  • Any event professional on extended sick leave
  • Any event professional working reduced hours due to mental ill health


  • You are currently working within the UK event industry
  • You have worked in the event industry within the last two years
  • You have worked in events for five years or more in your lifetime


Small Grocery Shop£25
Medium Grocery Shop£50
Large/Family Grocery Shop (with children)£75
Child’s Gift/Present£25
Child’s Care Package – clothing, accessories, after school clubs etc£25 per child
Hardship Relief Grant Application
see terms below
on application
Professional Counselling/Therapy
up to six 1 hour sessions
(these funds will be paid directly to your therapist)
up to £65 per session

All pledge applications we receive remain confidential and will never be made public or shared with any third parties.

*please see the Pledge terms and conditions below


We are unfortunately unable to support with the following:

  • business costs including but not limited to start-up costs or any ongoing expenses
  • non-priority debts such as: credit card debts, overdrafts, payday and unsecured loan repayments
  • education related costs such as school fees, fees for courses, and student loan repayment
  • costs for services such as funerals, weddings, christenings
  • private medical treatments including veterinary bills
  • residential care fee shortfalls
  • pay day advances
  • property repairs and adaptations, the only exemptions being repairs to boilers and central heating systems

We cannot consider an application for a Hardship Relief Grant until all statutory sources of funding have been considered and tried.

Hardship Relief Grants are subject to application and a maximum threshold of £500 (subject to availability), and designed to be a one off source of personal financial support. Once you have reached the maximum threshold we are unable to offer more funds or any further grants.

Hardship Relief Grants cannot be offered as a regular source of income and support.

Our weekly grocery shops and child care pledges are only available in the form of digital e-vouchers and this support cannot be substituted for an alternative cash payment.

For any talking therapy pledges we will ask your therapist to invoice EventWell® directly and we will liaise and send the funds directly to them.

Pledge applications are limited to maximum one pledge per person per week.


The Pledges in our programme are currently only available to event professionals and creatives based in the UK, if you are based outside of the UK please email our support team at support@eventwell.org for further information on how we may be able to support you.

We also understand how stigmatising and challenging it can be to ask and reach out for help. Please rest assured that all conversations, messages or emails with EventWell are confidential and will never be made public or available to any third parties. As a charitable organisation and social enterprise we have a duty of care to our beneficiaries and this is of upmost importance to us.

If you would like to talk us to find out more about Pledge by EventWell you can also call us free on 0800 470 0958