EventWell Pledge – North America Programme

Welcome to the EventWell Pledge North America Programme. Have a look through the pledges below that are available for you now. You do this by simply filling in our confidential ‘apply for a pledge’ form.

You can nominate a peer colleague or friend that you know is in need and struggling, but finding it hard to reach out to us for help. Provide us with their details and we will send them their pledge confidentially and compassionately.

Applications and nominations can also be made to the EventWell Resilience Fund, part of EventWell pledge, providing essential financial support in times of unusual need, as we are currently finding ourselves in due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Who can apply for a pledge?

  • Anyone who has been made redundant or out of work
  • Freelancers and contractors who are unable to work
  • Business owners who are not eligible for financial support
  • Anyone on furlough and/or with a reduced disposable income
  • Anyone who could simply do with a boost to benefit and protect mental health!

All pledge applications we receive remain confidential and will never be made public or available to any third parties.

Here’s what we have available for you to apply for today:


PLEDGE TYPECash Value ($)
Child’s Birthday Gift$ 20
Small Grocery Shop$ 35
Medium Grocery Shop$ 65
Family Grocery Shop$ 135
Small Relief Grant£ on application

POLITE NOTICE: The Pledges in our North America programme are available to event professionals and creatives based in the US and Cananda, if you are based in the UK please visit our UK Programme

Pledge applications are limited to maximum one pledge per person per week. Anything we have in the pledge bank is there to provide support and help to the people who need it.

We also understand how stigmatising and challenging it can be to ask and reach out for help. Please rest assured that all conversations, messages or emails with EventWell are confidential and will never be made public or available to any third parties. As a charitable organisation and social enterprise we have a duty of care to the event professionals that we support and serve and, this is of upmost importance to us.

If you would like to talk us to find out more about EventWell Pledge you can also call, text or WhatsApp +44 (0)7775 299 590 or email support@eventwell.org


NEED HELP? CALL OUR INFOLINE 10am - 2pm, Monday to Thursday 0800 470 0958