EventWell Talks: Building Resilient Teams for Changing Times


Tuesday 2 June 2020, 3.45pm – 5.30pm


Colin Bullen, Change Craft Consulting


3.45pm – Arrival and Table Networking

4.00pm – EventWell Talk starts

4.30pm – Audience Q&A

5.00pm – EventWell Talk ends

5.00pm – Table Networking

5.30pm – Event Ends


Join us for this edition of EventWell Talks as we chat about building resilience in teams for changing times with Colin Bullen of Change Craft Consulting.

COVID has shown us many things. Alongside social distancing, a spirit of community has emerged. There’s a new class of worker – the ‘essential’ class – yet they don’t seem to be the best rewarded. Alongside great grief and despondency hope and optimism flourishes. Most believe that we will emerge into a better space. However, to realise the optimist’s view, we need to be deliberate in our actions and ensure that creative thinking wins out over victim thinking. 

Building highly resilient teams, that are both functional and accountable, will allow businesses to survive and thrive amidst the post-COVID entropy. Whether you work in a team or not, this discussion will help you understand the frameworks that we can all build to establish stronger and more effective bonds with the people with whom we work. You will understand the power of resilient teams to create successful businesses in rapidly changing times. 

Speaker bio

Colin is the Founder and Director of Change Craft, a business established to help organisations execute effective and successful change processes. A true road-less-travelled devotee, he qualified as an actuary in 1992 in the UK before spending 13 years in South Africa. During this time, he has steadily broadened his metier into health, well-being, leadership, strategy, assessment and data. Colin has a driving passion for helping companies find their human touch, whilst accelerating their performance and focusing their vision. As possibly the world’s only behaviour change actuary, he has a unique insight into what it takes to change human behaviour and the value that that can be created for businesses and the individual.

Useful Links

Change Craft website: changecraft.consulting

LinkedIn page for Change Craft: https://www.linkedin.com/company/changecraftColin on LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/colinbullen