Event Wellbeing Week 2023
Monday 18th – Friday 24th September

One in three event professionals struggle with their mental wellbeing every year, and many are not seeking help and support due to fear of how they may be perceived or treated.

The theme for Event Wellbeing Week 2023 is #EveryOneEveryDay, to raise awareness that each one of us, no matter who we are, have mental health, and that we can be influenced and impacted by our mental health at any time, and every day of our lives.

By learning to recognise this we can start to break down the stigmas and discrimination that exists still for so many.

Employers? – Event Wellbeing Week is the perfect opportunity to launch your mental health policy and plans for the next 12 months!

Individuals? – Event Wellbeing Week is the perfect opportunity to start a daily new thing or change for your self care and mental wellbeing!

We are asking all event employers to use event wellbeing week as a starting block to kick off your strategic plans for the next 12 months, an opportunity to present to and share with your team how you will be investing in their mental wellbeing for the next year.

We are asking all event professionals to use event wellbeing week as a starting block to trying something new, or restarting something old to invest daily in your self care.

Our mental wellbeing is more than just one week, it is every single day, so take the time to look at longer term vision and plans to make a difference and impact.

We are also asking all event professionals to Wear It, and all event venues to Light It

Wear something or light up your buildings green for mental health awareness, or

rainbow for neurodiversity awareness, or

yellow (or orange) for suicide awareness

Which one is closet to your heart? Wear It or Light It and let’s continue to spread awareness and hold space for the mental wellbeing and inclusion of everyone, because it does not matter who you are…


Download your social graphics here:


The Event Wellbeing Week awareness campaigns launched in 2017 as a platform for individuals and businesses in the events industry to come together to advocate and promote better mental health for all event professionals.

Event Wellbeing Week is the Event Industry’s official national and annual mental wellbeing campaign with Event Wellbeing Day added to the calendar in March 2020 as part of #EventWell20.

#EventWell23 is our 7th annual awareness campaign for mental health and wellbeing in the event industry.

EventWell is here to support anyone in the events and creative industries experiencing hardship, and you can help make a difference!

Even a small amount will go a long way to supporting your peers and industry professionals, so that they know their industry stands with them and is here for them. Thank You!

If you would like some more information and/or would like to get involved use the contact form to get in touch