Illuminate by EventWell®

Illuminate is our education project, as part of the legacy of the #EventWell17 inaugural mental health and wellbeing event industry campaign, aimed at event management students, apprentices, and undergraduates, and those in postgraduate education.

The aim of Illuminate is to shine a light and make more visible the importance of self-care and building resilience when choosing and studying towards a career in the event industry.

Through our guest lectures, in partnership with UK universities, colleges and apprenticeship programmes, we will help and support in educating those aspiring to join the industry that good self-awareness and self-care as event professionals will aid and support their resilience, productivity and success.

Young people are much more likely to experience stress, and are more at risk of developing mental illness and serious mental health conditions.

As part of our vision and commitment to making tangible change to the event industry’s relationship with wellbeing, we see the education of our new talent as a vital method and tool in helping to combat the issue that one in three event professionals will experience mental ill health every year.

The education partners we work with include:

If you are an event management lecturer, tutor or coach, and would like more information on this community project and the lectures that we deliver then use the contact form below to get in touch.

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