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Thasunda Duckett
6 ways to improve your relationship with money

Taking control of our personal finances can feel overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to be. Thasunda Duckett shares how to minimize shame around money and start having honest conversations about how to save.

Wendy De La Rosa
Why we make bad financial choices – even when we know better

We all know we should spend less and save more, yet many of us struggle to do it and blame ourselves. Turns out, our environment is what we really need to change, and behavioral scientist Wendy De La Rosa explains why

Wendy De La Rosa
Can’t stick to a budget? Try these tweaks instead

Budgeting is the best way to get your spending under control, right? Behavioral scientist Wendy De La Rosa says there are actually better ways to limit your purchases — and get more satisfaction from them

Wendy De La Rosa
10 steps to boost your financial health – that you can do in a day

You take vacation days, sick days and mental health days; now it’s time to add a financial health day to that list! What to do on it? Behavioral psychologist Wendy De La Rosa shares 10 simple steps you can take to spend less, save more — and stress less

Wendy De La Rosa
Why talking to your friends can help you save money

What convinced British citizens to send in their taxes on time? And what resulted in San Diego residents reducing their energy consumption? Learning that their neighbors were doing it. Behavioral psychologist Wendy De La Rosa shares the surprising power of our peers and how we can use it to improve our financial habits

Wendy De La Rosa
Pay off your credit cards faster with these 4 easy changes

Whether you want to pay off credit card debt or just prevent yourself from accruing big balances in the first place, there are some simple steps you can take to help achieve your goal, according to behavioral scientist Wendy De La Rosa

Wendy De La Rosa
A 2-step plan for saving money

Saving money is like working out or eating right — it’s easier said than done. Behavioral scientist Wendy De La Rosa streamlines the process with two quick tips that can help you achieve your goals


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