Glisser & EventWell

Glisser is an award-winning virtual and hybrid event hosting platform with an integrated audience response system. 

The Glisser platform displays live streaming video content, instantly presents slides to all attendee devices, uses audience engagement features to improve the delegate experience, and delivers powerful event analytics, all while maintaining topflight security protocols.

With the added benefit of being able to host sponsorship e-Booths and additional event content, Glisser is a trusted go-to partner of the world’s leading events, meetings, and training providers, such as Informa, Clarion, Facebook, Uber, and many more.

For Glisser and our many partners, health and wellness is a top priority, especially following the impact of the coronavirus on the events industry.

From Glisser CEO Mike Piddock, “The importance of wellness resources in the high-stress events industry can’t be understated. EventWell is providing quality knowledge and rapidly raising the level of awareness about mental health and self-care in this sector. For Glisser, wellness has been a company priority since day one, and we are excited to announce this pairing. We are at the beginning of a new journey and this extra support couldn’t come at a better time.”

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