‘The Health & Wellbeing Calendar’

EventWell’s listing of the ‘go to’ and ‘get involved’ events, workshops and national campaigns in all areas of health and wellbeing over the next few months…


1-28 FebruaryRaynauds Awareness Month
4 FebruaryWorld Cancer Day
7 FebruaryTime To Talk Day
25 February to 3 MarchEating Disorder Awareness Week
28 February Rare Disease Day

MARCH 2019

1-31 MarchOvarian Cancer Awareness Month
11-17 MarchNutrition and Hydration Week
11-17 MarchBrain Awareness Week
13 MarchNo Smoking Day
15 MarchWorld Sleep Day
20 MarchWorld Oral Health Day
24 MarchWorld Tuberculosis Day
26 MarchEpilepsy Awareness Purple Day

APRIL 2019

1-30 AprilBowl Cancer Awareness Month
1-30 AprilStress Awareness Month
1-7 AprilWorld Autism Awareness Week
5 AprilWalk to Work Day
7 AprilWorld Health Day
11 AprilParkinson’s Awareness Day
13 AprilInternational FND Awareness Day
16 AprilPyjamas for Pancan
17 AprilWorld Haemophilia Day
22-28 AprilAllergy Awareness Week
22-28 AprilMS Awareness Week
23-27 AprilExperience of Care Week
23-27 AprilNational Stop Snoring Week
23-29 AprilEuropean Immunisation Week
25 AprilWorld Maleria Day
26 AprilOn Your Feet Britain

MAY 2019

Date TBCSun Awareness Week
Date TBCAction for Brain Injury Week
Date TBCDeaf Awareness Week
1-31 MayNational Walking Month
1-31 MayAction on Stroke Month
5 MayGlobal Hand Hygiene Day
5–11 MayRed Cross Week
7 MayWorld Asthma Day
10 MayWorld Lupus Day
13-19 MayMental Health Awareness Week
13-19 MayDeath Awareness Week
14-21 MayArthritis Care Awareness Week
20-26 MayDementia Action Week
20-26 MayNational Epilepsy Week
22 MayWorld Preeclampsia Day