Helen Moon

EventWell Managing Director, Helen is a Mum, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Aunty, and a CIM qualified Marketing & Communications Manager with an eclectic mix of experience that spans 20+ years and includes event production, venue operations, proactive sales and digital marketing in the events industry.

Helen understands first-hand the busy role of a professional in events, and would regularly work 60-70 hours a week doing something she loves without blinking an eye. However, big change came 10 years ago because she also manages Bipolar Disorder, a mental health condition that developed in her teens but was only finally diagnosed in 2009 after experiencing career burn-out and 20 years of misdiagnosis, struggles with depression and unknown manic episodes, struggles that she suffered with in silence due to stigma and discrimination within the industry.

Driven by her desire for a better understanding of mental health in the events world Helen founded, with a team of co-founders, the first Event Wellbeing Week in September 2017, closely followed by EventWell Ltd, the first social enterprise and dedicated resource for wellbeing and mental health knowledge, advice and support for event professionals.

Helen speaks openly and candidly about her struggles, and her triumphs, with her own mental health, as well as educating on building resilience and the importance of self-care when working in events.

Speaker at industry events including:

  • Venues + Events Live, London – September 2017
  • EventLab, London – October 2017
  • IBTM World, Barcelona – November 2017
  • Confex International, Mash Media Stage – February 2018
  • Venues + Events Live, London – September 2018
  • Clive Agency Team Campfire – July 2019
  • Wilmington Health Team Kick Off, London – September 2019
  • Venues + Events Live, London – September 2019
  • Association of Event Venues (AEV) HR Working Group Conference – October 2019
  • Reed Exhibitions Wellbeing Week, London – October 2019
  • Checkout Wellbeing Week, London – October 2019
  • IBTM World, Barcelona – November 2019

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