The NEW hospitality arm of the EventWell family of resources and manifestos.

Hospitality and events have always been intrinsically linked. Events and conferences are a huge part of the hospitality industry, and are continuing to grow. Whether focused on music, sport, learning or luxury, events around the world are generating billions of revenue and changing the way businesses, hospitality organisations and resorts operate.

The growth of the event industry has been fuelled by a number of factors, not least the emergence of non-traditional venues such as co-working spaces, restaurants, bars and live webinars increasingly offering flexible options.

Add to this the increasing shift in how people are choosing to experience their passions, learn and do business, and you begin to see why events as part of the hospitality industry is rapidly expanding.

The hospitality industry contributes £98 billion annually to the UK economy and, employs around 2.9 million people. Therefore, the mental health and wellbeing of professionals in the hospitality industry is of ever increasing importance.

Watch this space as we develop and grow our HospWell resources, dedicated to mental health and wellbeing in the hospitality industry.

In the meantime you can take a look at the HospWell Manifesto.