House of the Phoenix

House of the Phoenix is a transformative wellness spa retreat concept at a highly desirable and culturally rich location. Based at the main complex of barns, Butley, and it’s little sister The Pottery, House of the Phoenix is the brainchild of founder, Naomi Elliott.

It offers luxury transformative spa wellness in a discrete environment that caters to those wanting to personally develop in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ways to give them an edge over yesterday and years gone by.

The produce of a huge initiation into a rapid growth through exceptional circumstances for Naomi, the story of the phoenix has been depicted as one of despair, death, and rebirth, of which she has shared on BBC WM radio and appeared on Victoria Derbyshire’s show.

Naomi has collaborated with a number of close friends and business people to form this grand proposition, affirming a more balanced alternative to wellbeing with self-regulated, decentralisation of wellbeing services, as well as holistic treatments by launching this radically disruptive wellness initiative to accommodate for those excluded by various means, whether by time or disposable income, from access to much needed wellness.

Rest and respite is available away from the daily grind, or before a big project or meeting in the nearby capital city of London.

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