Karen Liebenguth

Karen is a certified coach, an accredited mindfulness teacher, trained eco-therapist, mentor and facilitator.

Anxiety had been a constant unpleasant companion in Karen’s life for almost four decades until she was introduced to the practice of mindfulness in 2008. Thanks to mindfulness and meditation practice she learned to understand herself better and the cause for her suffering. That in itself is not a remedy but it helped her see some of her unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving; to bring understanding and compassion into her life; to come into a different, kinder and more supportive relationship with herself. It was the beginning of living her life fully. Karen is the founder of Green Space Coaching & Mindfulness working with individuals, teams and groups in natural settings tapping into the beneficial impact nature has on our physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. She offers tailored mindfulness and coaching programmes for the workplace as well as corporate retreat days in nature to foster personal and professional development, self-leadership and mental wellbeing.
She is German and has lived in London since 2001. She enjoys meditation, swimming, gardening, going on retreat and regularly spending time in nature on foot or by bike.
Karen most cares about helping people regain and maintain good mental health so they can do what they most love doing in their life.
Karen is an associate mindfulness teacher and supervisor with Breathworks UK and a member of the Association for Coaching.

She is a member of and follows the Good Practice Guidelines set out by the British Association for Mindfulness Based Approaches (BAMBA).

Karen has worked with clients such as Kew Gardens, Deloitte, GAMA Healthcare, The Royal Town Planning Institute, Ford, Adam & Eve Communications, Unison, Trades Union Congress, Working Well Trust, NHS Foundation Trust London Havering, K Benchmark, Chobham Academy and others.

For more information on Karen’s work visit her website: https://greenspacecoaching.com/

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