Patrick Moore Jones

Patrick is the founder of MoJo Wellbeing Ltd, a one-to-one and online personal training and nutrition service that he started in 2011 when he was just 23 years old.

Patrick’s passion for health and fitness was fostered early on in the pursuit of better sports performance. Having played football for many years of his life and managed his own team for 5 of them, the science of movement has always held a central role in Patrick’s life.

This led him to go straight to university where he studied Sports Science BSc at London Metropolitan University. Alongside his university studies, Patrick also completed a 2 year ‘Personal Training and Fitness Consultancy Foundation Degree’ at City and Islington College and worked part-time as a fitness instructor.

Since then, Patrick has spent the last 9 years dedicating his life to improving the health and fitness of himself and others. He found traditional approaches to fitness archaic and one-dimensional. He decided to tackle his client’s problems with a focus on creating healthy habits they could sustain long-term, and started to use influences for wellness from outside of the gym to help people live a better quality of life.

The Mojo Wellbeing approach goes far beyond just diet and exercise. Patrick’s interest in health, physiology, longevity and wellbeing allow him to speak on a variety of topics in the wellness sphere, from a place of knowledge and personal experience. Cold water therapy (thermogenesis), mindful breathing exercises, plant-based diets, yoga, mobility and sleep are just some of his areas of interest.  

His talks knit the science of wellness with the practical experience of real people who have made all the mistakes, seen the successes and found a way to truly assimilate the learning into their daily lives.

When Patrick is not training clients in the gym or through his online training platform, you can often find him running on Hampstead Heath, swimming in freezing cold water or cooking vegan feasts at home with his wife Suzi. 

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