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Karen Agro
Keynote speaker and performer, Karen Argo

Karen Agro is on a mission to help individuals and corporate teams - who feel stressed and burned out - shift their mood in under 10 minutes, with music. At age 18, after years of classical guitar study, Karen was at a crossroads - would she go to school for music or pharmacy? She chose the latter but vowed to return to her craft . . . not before spending over 30-years gaining her Doctor of Pharmacy and Masters of Science, building an accomplished career in both the pharmacy and pharmaceutical industries and speaking on stages across Canada. Then, in 2018, she fell 15-feet off of a rock-climbing wall. Faced with the threat of never playing guitar again, Karen had her wake-up call, determined to make both health and music a part of her life. A few years later, when her father was in the end stages of dementia, she realised the potency of music. Karen watched her mostly unresponsive father utter the name of the pieces she was playing. Music tapped into a part of his brain that was still very much alive. To this day, Karen shares her passion about creating shifts through the power of music.

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