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Kathryn Tigne
Wellness & Resilience Coach, Beeing Well Coaching

Kathryn has more than a decade of experience in the events industry, so she knows too well the pressure that comes with a career in events. Kathryn’s first experience in the industry was cut short when she was unexpectedly made redundant on-site at a conference, so she quickly had to build her resilience in order to continue her career in the industry; continually learning how to manage expectations and pressure whilst delivering perfection both professionally and personally. After her first few years in the industry, Kathryn decided to invest in her own personal wellness by undertaking mindfulness training, which led her to discover a real passion for wellness and the journey of self-love. Through this, Kathryn finally found her propose, and so she launched Beeing Well Coaching Groups in 2020 with the aim of help and encourage others to build resilience in their own lives and really take charge of their personal and professional wellness on a whole. Beeing Well Coaching groups and personal one-to-one sessions focus on helping clients prioritise themselves and their wellness. The sessions that Kathryn leads allow her clients time for self-discovery, whilst learning all the skills required to building personal acceptance and trust. Tune into Kathryn’s session at EventWell Live to hear more about her own personal journey to self-love and how you too can take control and be the best version of you.

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