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Martijn Timmermans
Co-founds award winning companies and concepts in Events and Healthcare

Martijn Timmermans is a polymath, who started at 13 years as an actor in professional theatre, at 21 years he joined the opening crew at Disneyland Paris, gained in-depth knowledge as loyalty marketeer working for Marriott, KLM, Singapore Airlines & Garuda Indonesia. Worked in senior management for startups, arts (education, and performance), restaurant and events. Co-founded the Poetry Jockeys, a collective of interactive storytellers, performing throughout Europe and for the king and queen of the Netherlands. Having witnessed and spoken to thousands of disengaged people, he resigned during the financial crisis of 2010 as CFO for the award-winning stage director, Ivo van Hove. Giving up his pay check, private office and secretary, to pursue his passion for creating deeper connections. From there he co-founded innovative and award winning companies and concepts in Events and Healthcare for all social groups to tackle complex challenges and realise personal and collective goals and ultimately feel happier: The Red Line Project, Event Storyboard Canvas, Storyboarding Toolkit, Playbook Toolkit and Strength based storytelling programs for mental healthcare institutions. Martijn is a frequently asked speaker, guest lecturer and facilitator on industry events and a proud collaborator of

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