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Nicolina Werther
Audio Visual Engineer, current: Coach & Healer, Nicolina Werther|AO

After ten years in audiovisual engineering and events, Nicolina now focuses foremost on helping others to self-actualize and find meaning and fulfilment in work. Having noticed in her own life how difficult it can be to feel engaged and perform at one’s best in jobs or environments which are not aligned with one's natural abilities, interests or values, Nicolina set out on a journey of self-discovery. The latter resulted in a transition from the technical focus of audiovisual to more people-centred work, first within events and now through her coaching and healing practice. The difference to the quality of her life this career change has made is what sparked her desire to help others to improve their professional lives – be it through transitioning into more aligned work, rediscovering joy and ease in their current work or, most often, by guiding others to excel in an area that matters to them, oftentimes becoming inspirations to others along the way. Now, Nicolina draws on a decade of experience and training in coaching psychology, mindfulness and systemic thinking. She shares her knowledge via social media as well as through courses, workshops and, most effectively, 1:2:1 coaching.

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