Just a little reminder of the …

Just a little reminder of the upcoming Champions by EW dates that are coming up for the next three months:

Tuesday 19 October 1pm – 2.30pm (BST)
Module 4 – Increasing organisational confidence and capability

Tuesday 16 November 1pm – 2.30pm (GMT)
Module 5 – Mental health tools and support

Tuesday 14 December 1pm – 2.30pm (GMT)
Module 6 – Increasing transparency and accountability

Thursday 21 October 1pm – 2.30pm (BST)
Module 1 – Prioritising mental health in the workplace

Thursday 18 November 1pm – 2.30pm (GMT)
Module 2 – Work design and organisational culture for mental health

Thursday 16 December 1pm – 2.30pm (GMT)
Module 3 – Promoting an open culture around mental health

We now have two champions groups running at the same time, group two will be starting in two weeks time with Module 1. If you have missed module 1-3 in group 1 then you can join Group 2 to start the modules again.

Sesisons will now no longer to be recorded to encourage as many of you to attend the live sessions and be working and networking with your fellow champions, this is really important for your training and development as EventWell Mental Health Champions.

Do let us know if you have any questions at all about the above 🙂

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