Just a typical month in the li…

Just a typical month in the life of little old me living with Bipolar. As someone working in mental wellbeing it would be far too easy for me to try and constantly give out the illusion that I have my personal health and wellbeing all worked out. But that would be a lie as I don’t, and I know truthfully that I never really will. Most of the time all I can do is take things a day at a time, plan ahead but know that sometimes those plans may need to change based on what is happening for me when it comes around. And then each day concentrate on being the best version of me I can be that day, and carry out the very best self-care that I can for myself. Just do my best! 💚 Remember to be kind, although someone may seem to be fine and doing well, the reality sometimes is that inside for them it’s a very different story.

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