Quick-fire kindness exercises to try


Hang out with funny people, watch funny films, read funny books, go and see some live comedy. Laugh until you have tummy ache. Be silly.

Get moving

Work out at the gym, go for a walk, swim, dance to your favourite song in the kitchen.


Healthy eating is a way of being kind to yourself. Treating yourself now and then is also a kindness. ‘A little of what you fancy does you good’, as the old saying goes.


Ask yourself what you’re missing. If it’s time alone, then make it happen; is it’s sleep, ask someone to help you with the morning chores so you can lie in. Create your own happy book and keep a record of the things that make you happy and, treat yourself.


Spend a bit of time at the beginning and end of each day seeking out something uplifting. Find the good news.

Say no

If yes comes easily and your life is wearisome because of it.

Say yes

If no comes easily and you wish your life were more exciting.

Know that if you are kind to yourself you will be happier and, that your happiness in itself is a gift to the world.

“You will notice that happiness, like kindness, is contagious”

Credit: The Little Book of Kindness, Bernadette Russell

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