Quick tips for staying active at home

Here are some quick tips for staying physically active whilst working from home, from our friends at Mind.

Working from home has now become the ‘new normal’ for most people who are usually office based. While we readjust to our new daily routines of working remotely, it’s good to remember that keeping active plays a key role in that.

During these uncertain times adding physical activity into your day can also help to reduce any anxiety and stress you may be experiencing. 

Exercising from home can be simple, you don’t need exercise equipment and there are options for most ages and abilities. The most important thing to remember, is finding something you enjoy.

Ideas to get you started…

Try an at-home exercise routine

This might be an online exercise programme, or a workout DVD.

Try to sit less

If you’re sitting down for most of the day, try to get up and move every hour.

Do active household chores

This could be cleaning, hoovering or DIY.

Try to build physical activity into your daily routine

Stretch while watching TV, dance to your favourite tunes or run or walk up and down the stairs.

You can also try out some of the exercise groups and sessions from EventWell’s friends and partners:

Eventprofs Run the World & DDMIX with Helen Harlow of Benchmark Collective

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