Quick tips on maxing your minerals

Minerals are essential for a healthy nervous system, so to ensure general physical and mental wellbeing, it’s important to include them in your diet.


Maintains healthy blood vessels and strong bones – low levels of calcium are linked to low mood, particularly in women. Calcium is found in dairy products as well as kale and collard greens.


Is vital for regulating insulin in the body and it also helps the brain to regulate moods, the lack of it leading to an increased risk of high blood pressure and depression. Chromium can be found in broccoli, turkey, potatoes and wholegrain products.


Plays an important role in the body’s production of serotonin, without which there is a risk of a predisposition to stress and irritability. Magnesium is present in nuts, dark leafy vegetable, fish and wholegrain products.


Is a great mood balancer and is known to educe symptoms of depression. It can be found in seafood, eggs., beans, mushrooms, nuts, seeds and kiwi fruit.


Transports oxygen around the body and strengthens muscle. Depleted levels lead to fatigue, low mood and depression. Iron deficiency is more common in women, and vegetarians might want to consider taking a supplement: find iron in dark-green leafy vegetable, meat, fish, beans, pulses, nuts and wholegrain products.

Credit: The Happiness Journal

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