Quick tips to managing your mental health during C19

It’s a challenging time for us all, our capacity for vulnerability will be heightened and on high alert, especially as we get used to the idea of self-isolation and keeping physical distance, which is incredibly challenging for a social and people orientated industry like the event industry.

Here are our quick tips for looking after your mental health.


This is all about looking at what you can control and concentrating on that, and forgetting about the things you can’t control. You can’t change the situation or the behaviour of others, but what you can control is yourself and how you react to it. Remember to be kind to yourself and treat yourself how you would treat others.


Acceptance is not something that can be forced. Learning how to accept things always begins with not being able to accept them and then finding a way to do so. It is important because if you do not accept things for what they really are, you will create a whole host of problems for yourself and your health.


This is about adherence to what is now the new norm for the next few weeks and maybe months. Listen to the advice of the government, Pubic Health England, your employer. These new measures are in place to keep us all safe and well, and to protect the elderly and vulnerable.


Being able to adapt to change is one of the most essential skills a person can have. It is difficult for most of us, and the reason for this is because we are creatures of habit; having to change our patterns and behaviours is frustrating and annoying. However, this is also about finding ways to adapt mentally, emotionally and physically to the new situation we find ourselves in. Making changes and establishing healthy boundaries will afford you a greater opportunity to get what you want and what you need to better manage your mental health.

When things like this happen it is important to remember that there is always a silver lining and that you are not alone in this. Try and listen and focus on the positives, try and retain a balanced view, look at your self care and the ways that you can stay well.

Take this time as an opportunity for extra brain space and creative thinking and planning. We can bounce back bigger and better than before.

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