Useful Reading

Here is where you’ll find links to useful articles and documents on health and wellbeing, if there is anything additional you would like to request please email

Some useful factsheets on exercise, diet & nutrition and how to get a good nights sleep

A healthy diet & a healthy weight

Alcohol and stress

Caffeine fact sheet

How to sleep well

Why stop smoking

How to become active & improve your fitness

Here are some useful factsheets that will help you with those soft skills in both your professional and personal life


Confidence and self-esteem

Goal setting and planning

Mental flexibility

Positive outlook

Problem Solving

Social skills

Time management

Here are some useful resources from

Wellbeing – Why it matters to health policy

Living Well

Working Well

Health Behaviours and Wellbeing

The Relationship between Wellbeing and Health

Thriving at Work

And some comprehensive guides and articles from the Mental Health Foundation


Mental Health A-Z

The benefits of great line management