Starting from Monday 17th September 2018, the Event Industry News podcast published a special mental wellbeing episode each day to coincide with #EventWellbeingWeek18.

The five part series began on Monday with Helen Moon, founder of EventWell. 

During the podcast, Helen talks honestly about her own experiences of wellbeing during her 20-plus year career in the events industry. She also highlights the key objectives of the EventWell® organisation, and the resources that are now available to #eventprofs who may be struggling with their physical, emotional or mental health.

Tuesday’s guest is Mark Maher, events director for Boulevard Events. Mark has been involved with EventWell® since the project’s early days, and is a keen advocate of maintaining a healthy balance when working.

With his business specialising in supplying catering services to the events industry, Mark talks about the importance of nutrition and healthy eating for #eventprofs working on site. He also discusses the peaks and troughs of working within the events industry, and how professionals can often suffer downturns following the conclusion of a hectic event schedule.

Wednesday’s guest is Melissa Noakes.

Melissa has worked in the events industry for over 15 years, with significant experience in both the agency and client side of the sector. Her employers have included globally recognised brands with intense event schedules, which has put Melissa in high pressure situations. During the podcast, she reflects on those experiences and how they lead to her becoming involved with the EventWell® initiative.

For Thursday’s episode, host James Dickson talks to Emily Fawell from Vital Health Nutrition.

Emily is a nutritional therapist and has been delivering nutrition and wellbeing masterclasses to event professionals as part of Event Wellbeing Week 2018. During this podcast, Emily offers practical advice to event professionals about their diet, and how it impacts on energy levels during working hours. She also highlights that what you eat during the day has a big impact on how well we sleep and recover at the end of the working day, giving added impetus to taking a revised approach to what we eat whilst working.