The NEW travel arm of the EventWell family of resources and manifestos.

Events act as important motivators for travel. Every year numerous business and leisure travellers are attracted by events of a huge variety in destinations around the globe. In short, the development of travel in a particular destination is directly concerned with the development of event management.

Nobody would be interested in visiting a distant island or city, unless some appealing events have been arranged in this place. Events are the trigger to attracting business travellers to a particular destination and, every year many social events are the main attraction for leisure travellers and tourists.

Travel and tourism contributes £127 billion annually to the UK economy and, employs around 3.1 million people. Therefore, it is important to recognise the importance of the relationship between the event and the travel industry, and how the mental health and wellbeing of professionals in the travel industry is also of ever increasing importance.

Watch this space as we develop and grow our TravelWell resources, dedicated to mental health and wellbeing in the travel industry.

In the meantime you can take a look at the TravelWell Manifesto.