Tuesday 20th September – Sunday 25th September 2022

Event Wellbeing Week 2022 #EWD22

We are delaying the start of Event Wellbeing Week 2022 to Tuesday 20th September. This is out of respect and due to the announcement of a Bank Holiday on Monday 19th September as part of the late Her Majesty The Queen’s state funeral.

Get involved to #BreakTheBias around mental health and neurodiversity during Event Wellbeing Week 2022

Mental Health bias, stigma and discrimination can make a person’s mental health worse, and delay or stop them getting help. Social isolation, poor housing, unemployment, discrimination and poverty are all linked to mental ill health, trapping some people in a cycle of illness and mental decline.

One in three event professionals struggle with their mental wellbeing every year, and many are not seeking help and support due to fear of how they may be perceived or treated.

Why does mental health bias exist?

It arises from a lack of understanding of mental health and mental illness (ignorance and misinformation), and also because some people have negative attitudes or beliefs towards it (bias and prejudice). This can lead to discrimination against people experiencing mental ill health.

Why is breaking bias so important?

Breaking bias is important because ultimately it is a form of suicide prevention. Mental illness is treatable and recovery definitely possible. Often, people will speak with a friend, family member or colleague before they will talk to a mental health professional, sometimes taking up to a year before they will seek professional help and support. This needs to change!

Some of the things you can do to break the bias during Event Wellbeing Week:

  • Learn collectively what unconscious biases are and come together to chat about your findings as a team
  • Implement a flexible working policy for your team
  • Make a commitment to equity and inclusion and share this with the organisation
  • Get everyone to take an implicit association test (IAT) and chat collectively about the results
  • Hold a tea and toast event and share lived experiences to open up and normalise conversations



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Why not organise your own PositiviTEA event in September to #BreakTheBias around mental health as a team, and help raise vital funds to support mental health in events?

The event, exhibitions, hospitality, and travel industry has been severely impacted by the global pandemic, and now by the cost of living crisis, high inflation and the rising cost of energy. Many of our professionals and peers are now experiencing tremendous hardship.

EventWell is here to support anyone in the events and creative industries struggling with their health and wellbeing as a result, and you can help make a difference!

Even a small amount will go a long way to supporting your peers and industry professionals with their mental health, so that they know their industry stands with them and is here for them. For every pound you donate 90p supports our charitable and community grant giving to assist event professionals with their mental health and wellbeing. Thank You!

EventWell is calling for an ‘Event Industry’ where the mental health of ALL its creative, experiential, event, hospitality and travel professionals is supported and protected.

An event industry where wellbeing is at the heart of every event, every trip, every experience and every business, in line with our vision “To make tangible change to the Event Industry’s relationship with wellbeing”.

Will you be a part of this commitment and sign our manifesto?

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The Event Wellbeing Week campaign launched in 2017 as a platform for individuals and businesses in the events industry to come together to advocate and promote better mental health for all event professionals.

Event Wellbeing Week is the Event Industry’s official national and annual mental wellbeing campaign with Event Wellbeing Day added to the calendar as part of #EventWell20.

#EventWell22 is our 6th annual campaign for better mental wellbeing in events.

If you would like some more information and/or would like to get involved use the contact form to get in touch

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