Our Mission

To be the Mental Health and Wellbeing Voice of the Event Industry


To ensure every professional in events feel valued and supported by making tangible change to the event industry’s relationship with mental health and wellbeing


Industry #EMPATHY
Organisational #CULTURE
Professional #SELFCARE


Helping event professionals to stay event well, with resilience boosting products and services, outreach and support

Treating or affecting everyone in events equally and fairly by changing attitudes to mental health, and speaking out on the issues that affect anyone with multiple disadvantages or needs

Empowering event professionals to make informed choices for their mental wellbeing by offering a portfolio of quality information, services and resources

Working with organisations in the meetings, events, exhibitions, travel, hospitality, and creative industries to share best practice and set industry standards

To be there for all event professionals who need us, by making mental health and wellbeing products and services, outreach and support accessible and affordable

Putting excellence at the heart of our organisation, creating financial stability and establishing a valued charitable organisation dedicated to mental wellbeing in events

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Events Industry

• A career as an event co-ordinator has been cited in the top five most stressful since 2016

• One in three event professionals will experience poor mental wellbeing and health every year

• 42% of event professionals will have changed a job due to stress at some point in their career, many more than once

• Younger event professionals are more susceptible to poor mental health and stress than their older peers, with 75% of serious mental health disorders developing before the age of 25 

The event industry contributes £77bn to the UK economy annually and employs around 700,000 people, so it’s vitally important that the industry as a whole comes together with a proactive approach towards workplace and onsite wellbeing that equips event professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to stay resilient, healthy, happy and event well.

We aim to support the industry as the charitable social enterprise dedicated to educating, campaigning and supporting better mental health and wellbeing in events.

We are here to provide a go to for the event industry centred on our charitable values of industry wide empathy, organisational culture and professional self care, advocating the health and wellbeing of ALL professionals working in events.

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