Quiet Rooms & Sensory Spaces

We are specialists in providing quiet rooms and sensory spaces for preventative and proactive mental health and neurodiversity. This essential service started out as wellbeing hubs and quiet rooms at events, and now we are working with employers and workspaces to offer their teams a safe place to go for whatever they may need.

Reducing stress with a quiet environment increases relaxation and decreases anxiety, even on a stressful day. A quieter space has also been proven to aid and improve concentration, and reduce presenteeism. This can be a great benefit for your team, whether they’re trying to focus on work, solve a tough problem, or communicate better with their colleagues.

We’ll work with you on a consultative basis, come to view your workspace and the rooms available for a quiet and sensory space, carry out any training requirements, and then design and set up your quiet room for you based on the needs of your team and business.

The space will also be given our WorkWell accreditation, a sign of quality and assurance in mental and neurodiverse wellbeing in the workplace.

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