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Conferences and events are rich environments that are full of opportunities to learn and experience new things, but they are also rich in stimulation, and with the constant outward facing and switched on nature they can also be overwhelming, exhausting and triggering, both mentally and physically for many people.

A wide range of physical, mental and neurodiverse needs can arise in an event environment.

Our accessibility and inclusion focused hubs are designed not to stimulate, but to provide a gentle mental escape in a safe and accessible environment, that supports and enables to enhance an individual’s event experience.

An EventWell® Hub, incorporating a quiet and sensory room, a space to work, and a wellbeing bar, provides attendees, speakers, visitors, exhibitors, or your event crew, with a supervised safe space where they can:

  • Catch up on an email, read, take a nap, meditate, listen to music, breathe or simply rest and take an essential 10 minute break
  • Find calm, reduce triggers and deal with any sensory overload
  • Speak with someone safely, discretely and confidentially about anything they may be feeling or experiencing



What does our service include:

  • Soft furnishings, sofas, chairs, tables, bean bags, plant decor and sensory lighting
  • Meditation station: offering Calm and Headspace apps with noise cancelling headphones
  • Mindfulness station: offering colouring books, puzzle books and jigsaws
  • Les Mills station: offering 10 minute yoga stretches and breathwork sessions with noise cancelling headphones, yoga mat and meditation cushion
  • Event Stream Station: 15 inch screen for live keynote and main stage streaming with noise cancelling headset
  • Ear protection muffs, eye masks and neck pillows
  • Essential oil diffuser, Tisserand oils and Moodfix mists designed to relax, calm and soothe
  • Assorted EventWell® infographic banners, factsheets and resources
  • Assorted books and magazines on mental wellbeing and health
  • Decaf tea and coffee bar with infused water and fresh fruit bowl
  • Fidget/stim toys
  • Weighted Blankets
  • Massage Cushions
  • Screen for live event streaming OR nature scene, with noise cancelling headset
  • EventWell® Host for supervision, support and safeguarding (Mental Health First Aid and Neurodiversity Awareness certified, DBS checked)



What does our service include:

  • Bar serving a wide range of decaffeinated teas and coffee, with infused water and fresh fruit bowls
  • Soft furnishings, chairs, tables, plant decor and lighting
  • Essential oil diffuser, Tisserand oils and Moodfix mists
  • Assorted magazines on mental wellbeing and health
  • Background music
  • EventWell® Host for supervision, support and safeguarding (Mental Health First Aid and Neurodiversity Awareness certified, DBS checked)

Speak to us today about our alcohol free drink packages, including wines, beers, and spirits, all at 0%-0.5% ABV.



What does our service include:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Essential oil diffuser and Tisserand oils designed to help with focus and concentration
  • Power with USB connection and device charging



If you already have any of the above in place at your event, but are missing the essential supervision, you can speak to us about our EventWell® Host service

What does our service include:

  • Offer welcome and hospitality to make sure people are comfortable
  • Ensure that the space remains quiet, and politely ask people to refrain from doing anything to disrupt this (such as making phone/video calls or holding meetings)
  • Keep the area clean and tidy
  • Ensure that everything is topped up, refreshed and working
  • Read body language and recognise when a person is anxious or overwhelmed and in need of support
  • Offer immediate assistance and reassurance to anyone who needs it

Safeguarding best practice and guidance dictates that any mental heath and wellbeing event space should not be left unsupervised, and that professional training and awareness is essential. Our EventWell® Hosts, fully trained in mental health and neurodiversity awareness, will help to make your attendees feel relaxed and at ease.

You can also speak to us about hiring our sensory essentials, including fidget/stim toys, essential oils, weighted blankets and lighting.


Looking for wellbeing activities or sessions? Take a closer look at what our partners Be In Your Element can provide by downloading their brochure below.


As a community social enterprise, events in the community are as important to us as they are to the people they serve. We believe that placing accessibility, inclusion and mental wellbeing at the heart of our communities benefits us all. Speak to us today about our community hire rates and how we can support you.

We understand that every event is different and offer a bespoke event design service to meet the unique and specific needs of your audience, and your event.

Helen Moon, Chief Executive & Founder


“Your hub has been incredible, it’s helped my team members, and me, by knowing that they have support when my bandwidth is low, and so many of our contractors, exhibitors and visitors. What you have enabled has been without doubt priceless, without it some people would be a lot worse off”

Lou Kiwanuka, The Shaper Group

“I’d really like to thank the EventWell team for this wonderful service at the DSEI conference. It was great to be able to go to a quiet space and do what I needed to be able to go back out to the conference and give my best to it. It was a very supportive, calm and friendly environment. I hope you will be there next time!”

DSEI 2021 Exhibitor

“One of our stand team has back issues and needed somewhere to take a breather. I’m so glad I spotted your signage so suggested he take some time out in the EventWell room. He came back to the stand so grateful and said it was the perfect quiet spot for a bit of stretching and meditation and he’d had a good chat with one of your mental health first aiders, so thank you for setting this up!”

Stacey Koks, Navy Tux Events

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