An Event Professionals Guide to Neuroinclusion

At EventWell® we are delighted to be the latest partner of The Neu Project, a diverse, global community working together to make the world more welcoming and productive for neurodivergent communities.

A brave space, where all are welcome, and every mind is valued.

Creating events that support and empower all brain types has many benefits; the more attuned we become to others, the more everyone wins.

Diversity boosts creativity and innovation by allowing different perspectives and experiences to come together in one space. Hosting inclusive events also means more people feel heard, seen, understood, and appreciated.

DE&I is an essential practice in 2022. However, neuroinclusion remains a gap in the industry, particularly in corporate events. This approach allows event professionals to differentiate while accommodating and including more people.

The Neu Project focuses on transforming how those leading, designing, building, and delivering events can execute with shared experiences in mind.

Download the guide and the checklist today, and then check out our Wellbeing Hub and Quiet Room service. We would also be delighted to offer a neuroinclusion consultancy service, backed by our 26 year experience in organising events.

Use #NeuProject and #EventWell on social media posts when planning your neuroinclusive events.

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