Rebecca Hirst


Rebecca Hirst, founder of Glorious Wellness, is The Health Coach to High-Flyers

She works with leaders, game-changers and go-getters who want to transform their energy, fire on all cylinders and feel ready to kick some serious business butt.

After 20 brilliant years in marketing, many of which were at Coca-Cola (the irony’s not lost: senior Coke exec turned nutrition expert) Rebecca retrained and left her ‘crazy big job’ to help other high-flyers to get amazing energy, brilliant brain power and a happy, healthy body through her Glorious Wellness Programmes.

She’s a TEDx speaker and regularly educates and entertains about how to find real-world wellness whilst juggling a million things.


  • TEDx Speaker
  • Health Coach
  • Nutrition
  • Wellness
  • Marketing

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