A Little Bit of Seaside in a Candle

Inspired by the calming nature of the sea and her love of the ambiance of candlelight, earlier this year Natalie set about making a few candles in her kitchen for use around the home. She soon found that the methodical process of candle making was a great way to unwind without just slumping on the sofa after a busy day. 

Having suffered from depression in the past, and being all too aware of how frightening “a bad day” can be, Natalie has tried over the years to develop a holistic approach to life that includes yoga, mindfulness and keeping a reasonable balance of work, home and personal time but freely admits that is easier said than done. 

“I had a few years when everything seemed to be going wrong, and didn’t know how to pull myself out of the fog that seemed to hang about my head all the time. I had no balance, no time, no energy and no desire to be my best self.  But when I met my partner he encouraged me to think about what I loved doing that perhaps I hadn’t done for a long time  and it made me realise how much I missed being creative. I used to paint and draw, I wasn’t good but I enjoyed it and so I thought about what I could do at home that wasn’t going to cost me lots of money and actually produce something I could use after. 

Making one candle turned into making 10 and before I knew it I had 50 tins sitting on the side at home, I just love the process of carefully measuring out out the wax and scents,  and found watching the melting and setting so relaxing. I loved designing the labels and  I take delight in knowing that each one has been made by hand. Handmade items have something of their creator in them, little imperfections and a uniqueness that you just don’t get with a mass manufactured item. We are all naturally imperfect, so why have something in your home that doesn’t reflect that?

The strange year we have all been faced with has proved difficult for everyone in so many different ways.  I was delighted to be approached by EventWell to help support them.  The events industry has taken such a hard turn in light of COVID-19, and it seems so unlikely we are going to get back to an resemblance of normal anytime soon, creating incredible mental strain on those who work in this industry lots of us probably take for granted. 

I am not making candles to make money (I have a day job I love for that)  I am doing it with the knowledge that the joy I get from making each one then goes on to give a little love and light to someone else.

Natalie Beevers – Founder of the Seaside Candle Company, handmade in Southport

Your can purchase your own Seaside Candle via the EventWell Shop with an exclusive 10% discount using the code EVENTWELL

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