EventFuel Breakfast


Friday 15th September 2017

What time?

8:00am to 11:00am


The Andaz, London

How often do you hear “look after your employees and your employees will look after your business”?

More than we care to remember, but as a statement, it is one that rings true.  In a time when we are consumed by technology, we have become the master of multi-tasking.

More so as an event professional, multi-tasking is required but often sends us in to a spin. As employee wellbeing continues to gain momentum and column inches, what are you doing to ensure the work/life balance for your team?

What techniques and practices have you put in place to encourage wellbeing within the team.  Statistics coming through are now showing that a wellbeing programme has a direct reflection on the bottom line through increased time efficiency.

EventFuel is a series of breakfast events kicking off on Friday 15th September at the Andaz. Each event will explore what event organisations are currently doing, what you can do to enhance the wellbeing of your team and how you can incorporate these in to your event delegate experience to keep them fresh and engaged.

Join us to find out how to increase resilience, decrease stress levels and maintain a happy and efficient event team on the 15th September from 8.00am at the Andaz.

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