EventWell & Glisser announces new strategic partnership

EventWell and Glisser are pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership combining EventWell mental health and wellbeing knowledge and education with Glisser’s first class event and technology solutions.

With digital event platforms playing an increasingly important role in the future of event delivery and operations, EventWell recognised that they needed to accelerate the development of their digital solutions to ensure they remained on the competitive vanguard.

This combined with Glisser recognising the importance of good mental health and wellbeing and the affect the past year has had on their team, and is continuing to have on the event industry as a whole, brings the skills and expertise of both organisations together to impact change.

The EventWell and Glisser partnership brings together skills in mental health, stress management, workplace wellbeing, event technology strategy, event technology development and deployment, and organisational change management to help support both EventWell members and the Glisser team and stakeholders.

Helen Moon, EventWell CEO said “The Glisser and EventWell partnership will be a powerful combination. EventWell’s understanding, experience and knowledge of mental health and wellbeing combined with Glisser’s digital products, event tech and engagement expertise will be uniquely complementary to EventWell’s values. We believe this will help us to engage with existing and new audiences in an incredibly powerful way and are delighted to be working with the team over the next year.”

Mike Piddock, Glisser CEO said “The importance of wellness resources in the high-stress events industry can’t be understated. EventWell is providing quality knowledge and rapidly raising the level of awareness about mental health and self-care in this sector. For Glisser, wellness has been a company priority since day one, and we are excited to announce this pairing. We are at the beginning of a new journey and this extra support couldn’t come at a better time.”

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