Finding your MOJO

Week 2 of training is officially done! I now have just 5 more to go and this week has proved to be the week I found my wind, my motivation, MY MOJO, and not even a hint of shin splints so we are now on a roll people.

I’ve really enjoyed going out running this week. It’s been another busy week so the challenge is still the number of times I have been able to get out, which was twice, a 5km on Thursday and a 7.5km this morning. I’ve also started a weekly yoga class to help strengthen and loosen up some of my tired and middle aged muscles – mixing it up.

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It feels good at the moment as I seem to be getting into a nice flow and pace once I am out running that feels comfortable and allows me to push myself when I need to.

I’m also enthusiastic and eager to get out there. Something that I haven’t felt for a while now as I’ve truthfully had so much going on that running has been the last thing on my mind, so taking on this challenge is already motivating me to pick up where I left off with an activity that I actually really enjoy – all part of my self-care.

It’s been approximately 2 years since I ran any distance longer that 5km, the last time being the Southport Natterjack 10km in 2016, and it was not such a pleasant experience.

It was a challenge that I hadn’t had the opportunity or the time to train for, mainly because my little girl was then only 4 months old, and breastfeeding exclusively, but due to the fact that I was running in memory of a school friend who had passed away from a stroke I still (some would say stupidly) went ahead with the run.

The weather on race day consisted of sideways rain and high winds that at times had me worried that I would get swept off to Blackpool, or beyond. If anyone has ever experienced the joy of coastal running in wind and rain you will know what I am talking about here, and added to that the matter of breastfeeding meant I had a chest that was incredibly painful and could have very easily exploded by the time I’d finished.

Not exactly an experience to spur you on to do more hey? Rather try and forget very, very quickly! Safe (and relieved) to say that the weather this week in Blackheath has been mostly sunshine and I’ve managed to avoid the showers, not a drop of sideways rain in sight.

So on to this week, the challenge of which will be getting out for a run at least 3 times, preferably 4, let’s see how it goes. Event Wellbeing Week and #EventWell18 kicks off next week and my aim is to be doing a 5 or 10km run every day!! Do you reckon I can do it?

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Helen Moon, is a CIM qualified events and marketing director with an eclectic event career spanning 21 years within event production, venue operations, proactive sales and digital marketing. Helen is the CEO and Founder of EWL Club UK, and Director and Co-Founder of EventWell Ltd and Event Wellbeing Week.

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