ICE Awards 17

At ICE they are concentrating on a few issues within the events sector one of which is creativity in all its shapes and sizes.

From their research it is a known fact that for practitioners in any sector seeking creative solutions, one of the biggest challenges is finding enough time and mental space to explore ideas and discuss opportunities. Based on this they set up the following observations

  1. Creativity is critical to the events profession
  2. Fostering creativity often means giving yourself the headspace to think out of the box
  3. Many events professionals aren’t living a healthy and stress free life (Forbes ranking of events as third most stressful career).

So in partnership with SEC (Scottish Events Campus) ICE are surveying people’s health (fresh air, exercise and free time to think) and asking questions about working habits to explore how events people are fostering (or not) the right environment for creativity to thrive.

They are also working with EightPR, helping them to look at combatting stress in the industry.

From the outcomes they will be planning communication and interaction initiatives to consolidate new working practices to embrace wellbeing in the workplace and lifestyle in order to foster and stimulate creativity as a natural but necessary element of the overall thought process.

You may find Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talks on creativity in education useful for some guidance.

At ICE they find his first talk riveting and use his mentoring every day in their own work practice.

For more information on the above you can contact The ICE Awards via the form below:

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