MPI Netherlands Supports #EventWell17

On Day 1 of the 2017 UK Event Wellbeing Week MPI Netherlands showed their support for the campaign by hosting their own series of campfire style chats around health and wellbeing in events.

You can watch these exclusive chats below with more information on the background stories of these amazing and inspiring speakers.

Klaas Boonsma

One month before his 37th birthday, journalist Klaas Boomsma concludes in an addiction clinic in South Africa that his life has failed. One day later he begins running. At MPI campfire he tells the story of his addiction to alcohol and cocaine, and what he has done to take his life back and how he built a healthy life in balance. Boomsma has been clean, married and father of a daughter for almost six years now. After his first run over the beach near Cape Town, he has not stopped running. Klaas started running as a medicine against daring and flight behaviour, but now it’s a passionate and fantastic way of life. He wrote the book “Run for your life” (only available in Dutch). Klaas Boomsma (1974) is editor-in-chief of the running magazine Losse Veter and writes columns for

Jochum Bukman

Based on his psychological background and his work at GORTcoaching, Jochem Bukman is talking about burn-out prevention and offers practical tools to prevent you from joining those millions of people with burnouts. Through interaction, questions and a small amount of humour, you’ll walk away with new ideas to prevent burn-out. Jochem Bukman is a trainer at GORTcoaching, a national coaching agency specialising in individual coaching and team coaching. GORTcoaching works for companies, and individuals.

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