How can we implement better wellbeing for event professionals?

On Monday 23rd October the EventWell co-founders and board;

  • Helen Moon, Consultant Events & Marketing Director and Managing Director of EWL
  • Samme Allen, Director of Sequoia Partnership and BVEP Vice Chair
  • Mark Maher, Events Director at Boulevard Events and ILEA UK Wellbeing Advisor
  • Alistair Turner, Director of 8PR and ILEA UK Chair
  • Laura Capell-Abra, Coach at No More Ifs or Buts and Founder of Stress Matters

joined by Colin Bullen, Lead Consultant at Habits at Work, led an informative session on ‘how to implement better wellbeing for event professionals’ at the inaugural EventLab by Hire Space in central London.

The session covered lines of communication, workplace culture and environments, industry practises and organisational support and was streamed live on Facebook.

We’re not going to write about it because we’re going to let you watch it, and you can do that here…

Let’s keep the industry talking about this! Send us your thoughts and comments on the session below, do you agree with what was said? What are you doing to implement better wellbeing for yourself and for those within your team or business? We want to hear from you…

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